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Approaching Digital Preservation at Scale: A Pilot Programme at UCT Libraries

posted on 25.09.2019, 07:17 authored by Niklas ZimmerNiklas Zimmer
Keynote presentation for the 2019 Preservation Conservation Conference, hosted by UKZN Special Collections, with the theme: 'Disaster Prevention Preparedness, Response & Recovery of Collective Collections and E-collections.'


Over the past four years, Digital Library Services at UCT Libraries have been taking an eventful journey towards making digital preservation at UCT a reality. Many small and big detours were made along the way, including exploring new soft- and hardware solutions, having engagements with many different stakeholder communities across campus, moving offices, and eventually also building an (almost) entirely new team. What has emerged strongly is that the wide variety of things needing to be addressed have little to do with technology, namely inclusive strategic planning and organisational design, inclusive conversations, and collaborative, flexible workflows. Based on these insights, we are now actively involved in rebuilding and implementing existing as well as new technologies for sustainable, standards-led end-to-end services, all the way from digitisation, digital archiving, curation and preservation to online showcasing of citable and reusable scholarly resources.


1) Drivers for Digital Preservation:
Business Owners; Value Propositions; Policies & Frameworks

2) Practicalities of Digital Preservation:
Best Practices; Tools & Systems; Vendors; Roles; Activities

3) A Data Life-cycle approach to Digital Preservation:
Plan & Design; Collect & Capture; Collaborate & Analyse; Discover, Reuse & Cite; Share & Publish; Manage, Store, Preserve

4) Digital Preservation: an all-inclusive conversation:
- DPC | World Digital Preservation Day (07.11.2019)
- Australasia Preserves | A digital preservation CoP
- NeDICC | Network of Data and Information Curation Communities
- 'RDM at UCT' Slack Workspace



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