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Data discovery and re-use

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posted on 19.11.2018, 11:46 authored by Niklas ZimmerNiklas Zimmer, Thomas KingThomas King
This presentation, part of the RDS-in-Flight series, explores one of the prime motivators for sharing data openly, namely the prospect for its reuse by other researchers. Various open data platforms store, describe and cite their datasets differently, with a range of practices around providing data citations, licensing practices, and the use of metadata schema. This presentation, aimed at librarians, focuses on various open data repositories, aggregators, and data tools and how they can be used to find, gather, and cite open data for future studies, and how to search them for open data sets relevant to specific disciplines. The presentation also describes how to create a collection on ZivaHub, UCT's institutional data repository, and how to link open datasets to theses/dissertations or other kinds of research outputs using a data availability statement.



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