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Documenting the Ephemeral: Performance Archive and the Showcase Repository

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posted on 2021-08-30, 13:17 authored by Sanjin MuftićSanjin Muftić, Jayne BatzofinJayne Batzofin
This 12 minute presentation was created for the Open Repositories 2020 Virtual Conference held on the 02-06-2020. Dr Sanjin Muftic and Jayne Batzofin present their work on the capturing, curating and relevancy of developing an online open access repository (Omeka S) for the rehearsal process of performance making within the RETAGS project at the University of Cape Town.

The Reimagining Tragedy in Africa and the Global South (RETAGS) project (PI - Dr. Mark Fleishman) has embarked on a five year staging of events and field research to investigate the restaging and reimagining of tragedy on the African continent through performance. During their development process of their first production, Antigone (not quite/ quiet), they documented their rehearsal processes through digital means. This resulted in 1.8TB of data consisting of video and audio recordings of daily rehearsals and performances, audio interviews with the creative team, stills from the design elements, and texts such as scripts and actor’s notebooks. The dataset is unique, comprehensive and loaded with local knowledge. The presentation talks through the process of data curation towards the publishing in an online repository. It looks at the steps in data management, metadata capture, schema creation and the discussions around publishing. The presentation will highlight the challenges posed by this “living performance archive” in terms of making data Findable Accessible Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR), as well as issues around copyright, data protection and ownership. Using the theatrical example of RETAGS, this presentation makes some recommendations for structures in developing a repository of theatrical productions.

00:00:00 | Introduction
00:02:14 | Process of Capturing
00:04:45 | Process of Curating
00:08:10 | Questioning Relevancy
00:10:50 | Conclusion



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  • Antigone (not quite/quiet) - 2019