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Doing Digital Scholarship with DLS: The Motivations

Digital Library Services (DLS) is running a monthly series of workshops on how to better manage your data and your research process. In doing any form of research nowadays we have to interact with a multitude of digital spaces. This talk outlines digital processes and tools that can increase efficiencies throughout a research project, with particular reference to the data life-cycle, from planning to publishing. We also look at collaborative tools for managing, analysing, mapping and visualizing research data. All those involved in research and research support are welcome.

The vision and mission of Digital Library Services (DLS) at UCT Libraries is to provide open, online access to primary resources for teaching, learning and research at the University of Cape Town (UCT) through digitisation, digital scholarship, data curation and preservation services. We subscribe to and support the practice of Open Science.



Digital Library Services (DLS)