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Never name it "final":​ Guides on Managing and Storing your Data​

posted on 2024-03-07, 07:34 authored by Sanjin MuftićSanjin Muftić

This is a recording of a webinar, together with slides, for a presentation on Guides on Managing and Storing your Data​ given on Wednesday, March 06th, 2024 as part of the Digital Scholarship Series for researchers at UCT.

It is great to have a lot of data, but where and how do you store it so that you can easily manage it? This session presents several options on where to store data during your research projects and offers some handy guides on how to organise it. After this session, you won't have to spend hours looking for that elusive file.

The Digital Scholar Series is run out of Digital Library Services at UCT Libraries. It aims to showcase some of the digital practices and tools available to enhance research skills, with an ongoing focus on managing research data efficiently. Topics covered deal with the management of digital materials for research (what some of us call ‘data’) and touch on digital topics throughout the research lifecycle.




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