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Our package reviews in review! Introducing & analyzing rOpenSci onboarding

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posted on 20.03.2018, 08:27 by Maëlle SALMON
Abstract: rOpenSci is a community of researchers and software developpers working together to provide better R tooling, mostly packages, for reproducible and open science. Some of these packages are contributed by staff, others by community members. In order to ensure quality of packages in the suite, rOpenSci _onboards_ packages from the community by having them undergo an open review process on GitHub. In this talk, you'll get introduced to this onboarding system. You'll hear about brand-new analyses of the system in R thanks to my [rectangling]( onboarding. You'll also get to learn about our continuous efforts at improving our system even more, in particular via automation. Come hear this talk if you want to know more about software review and about Git(Hub) data analysis!


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