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RDM support for data management, digital collaboration and data publishing at UCT Libraries

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posted on 16.11.2018, 13:10 authored by Dilshaad BreyDilshaad Brey, Thomas KingThomas King, Niklas ZimmerNiklas Zimmer
The University of Cape Town's institutional Research Data Management Policy, passed in March 2018, mandates that postgraduate students and researchers must complete Data Management Plans (DMPs) in which they describe their plans for gathering, storing, archiving and where appropriate publishing their research data. This presentation between the Health Sciences Library and the Digital Library Services unit was presented at a workshop for postgraduate students in the Faculty of Health Sciences, outlining the various support mechanisms and platforms provided by UCT Libraries to assist in complying with the policy.

The presentation focuses on the use of three specific processes and their associated tools, namely:
1) Data Management Planning, through the use of UCT's DMPonline tool based on the Digital Curation Centre's software
2) Collaborative research, using UCT's institutional instance of the Centre for Open Science's Open Science Framework tool
3) Open data publishing using ZivaHub, UCT's open data repository

DLS provides research data management support through presentations, online resources, workshops and small group consultation sessions. UCT students and researchers looking for RDM support can contact DLS at dls@uct.ac.za.



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