ROER4D Open Data Initiative - Presentation to e/merge Africa network

2018-07-06T09:03:26Z (GMT) by Thomas King

The ROER4D project, conceived in 2012 and running from 2013 to the end of 2017, was explicitly scoped with an ambition to conduct Open Research inasmuch as that proved viable and valuable. An early ambition mentioned in the scoping document was the desire to share data openly, but this process was not begun until 2015 with the elevation of Curation and Dissemination as a core project objective and the subsequent launch of the Open Data Initiative.

This presentation explores the ROER4D Open Data Initiative, explaining the bakground of the ROER4D project, the motivations of the Open Data Initiative, strategies for recruiting participant researchers, and the data cleaning, de-identification and publishing process undertaken to produce the ROER4D Open Data sets.