Statistical models used for GWAS - Lecture 7 H3ABioNet 2018 GWAS Lecture series

2018-09-11T08:55:56Z (GMT) by Cheikh Loucoubar
Statistical models used for GWAS
The seventh and last lecture of the H3ABioNet 2018 GWAS lecture series will cover different types of GWAS depending on data designs: Population-based GWAS (for case/control design or for quantitative traits) and Family-based GWAS (for independent trio data or large pedigrees). This lecture will also provide an overview of test statistics for multi-marker association testing in both type of GWAS. It will discuss the problem of multiple testing, the principal of family wise error rate (FWER) and some proposed methods for P-values correction. The lecture will finally present a set of tools to perform GWAS and to represent results.