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Using Figshare: a quick demonstration for the ilifu user group

posted on 01.04.2019, 11:09 authored by Niklas ZimmerNiklas Zimmer
Figshare demonstration presented at the ilifu RDM Users’ Engagement Workshop, hosted by the ilifu Research Data Management and Open Science Working Group at CPUT Bellville Library Conference Centre on 29 March, 2019.

The purpose of the workshop was to engage with users of the ilifu infrastructure to identify if current research practices aligns with the newly developed ilifu Research Data Management policy.

Furthermore, the workshop aimed to:

1. Give researchers the opportunity to raise any issues on Research Data Management and Open Science to further improve the policy.

2. Have focus group discussions with other researchers in your field on research data management requirements.

3. Hold a demonstration on how to deposit and share data on the ilifu data sharing repository (Figshare).

4. Engage on how best to implement the RDM policies and guidelines.

Presentation overview:

1. DMP | Resourcing and planning for data publishing
2. 5-star Open data | FAIR data
3. How to upload and publish data on Figshare
4. Data availability statement | doi
5. Groups in Figshare
6. Tiered instances of Figshare
7. DLS resources on RDM at UCT Slack workspace

Digital Library Services (DLS) at University of Cape Town (UCT) Libraries provides research data management (RDM) support through presentations, online platforms and resources, workshops and small group consultation sessions.

UCT students and researchers looking for RDM support can contact DLS at: dls@uct.ac.za.



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