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Addendum to FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWG-PEL/72 - Update of the TAC estimates using consequence tables with one additional significant figure

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The TAC calculations of FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWG PEL/72 are repeated with consequence table values that include one extra significant figure, as kindly provided by C. de Moor (pers. comm.). The motivation for this is that for the ranges of TAC options for which consequences have been evaluated, the values do not differ greatly; thus though interpolation using the “straightforward” Bayesian method of FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWG-PEL/60 will still give results which are reasonably reliable numerically, extrapolations may well be subject to rather greater error. Additionally, a further regression option requested has been included here.



Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Cape Town