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Draft Objectives for the Management of the South African Pelagic Fishery for Anchovy and Sardine, using OMP-17

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posted on 02.08.2021, 14:37 by Carryn de MoorCarryn de Moor
This document tables a draft list of qualitative objectives for the management of the fisheries on sardine and anchovy in South Africa under OMP-17 in three tiers. The first tier consists of “non-negotiable” objectives, which will in due course be defined quantitatively. A second tier consists of core decision objectives, while a third tier consists of further trade-off objectives. The objectives are split amongst those which address target resource (i.e. sardine or anchovy) concerns, those which address social-economic concerns and those which address ecosystem concerns. Naturally trade-offs between the objectives in each of these three sets of concerns will exist. Performance statistics to quantitatively (or in a few cases qualitatively) measure the ability of a candidate management procedure (MP) to meet each objective are also proposed. All performance statistics will additionally be reported under a no future catch scenario.



Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Cape Town