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FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWG‐PEL/75 and FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWGPEL/ 76 - comments

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posted on 2021-09-07, 06:42 authored by Carryn de MoorCarryn de Moor
A perspective on some of the comments in FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWG‐PEL/75 is given.

This document contains comments on FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWG‐PEL/75 and FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWG‐PEL/76 which would ordinarily be raised during the course of a SWG‐PEL meeting discussion, but are now required in writing given the change to the SWG‐PEL Aide Memoires. For ease of reference, I have pasted a copy of some of the text from FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWG‐PEL/75 and FISHERIES/2020/AUG/SWG‐PEL/76 below before responding.



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