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Recommendations on rock lobster TACs for Gough and Inaccessible islands for the 2021/22 season

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OMPs are the agreed basis to recommend rock lobster TACs for all four islands of the Tristan da Cunha Group. The application of these OMPs using the most recent CPUE and survey data for input result in the following TAC recommendations for Gough and Inaccessible.

The new OMP-2021 for Gough recommends a TAC for 2021 at 100 MT + 5 MT rollover (2020 TAC 100 MT). Note that as 12.5 MT of Gough quota was caught in advance of the Gough restoration program during the 2019 season, this amount must be deducted from the Gough 2021 allocation.
The final Gough allocation should thus be 92.5 MT.The new OMP-2021 for Inaccessible recommends a TAC for 2021 at 101 MT (2020 TAC 98 MT).

If an overcatch of more than 0.5 MT is taken at an island in a given season, that amount is to be taken off the TAC allocated for the following season. Thus the 1.22 MT overcatch at Inaccessible for the 2020 season must be removed from the allocations for the 2021 season. The final Inaccessible allocation for the 2021 season will therefore be 101 MT – 1.22 MT = 100 MT.



Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Cape Town