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Updated 2020 horse mackerel data and assessment model description

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This document details the data available for the 2020 horse mackerel assessment.

Absolute Abundance indices: Spring survey (9 years) covering 1986-2016 Autumn survey (22 years) covering 1988-2019
Midwater CPUE (Dessert Diamond): 2003-2019
Dual rights CPUE: 2007-2018

Catches: Demersal, midwater and pelagic for 1949 -2019. Note that only the pelagic catches in entirety are available. DEFF provided complete Desert Diamond catches for 2019 which are 32.3% smaller than those for 2018. The demersal and midwater catches for 2019 were thus assumed to also be 32.3% larger than the 2018 values.



Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Cape Town