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Updated (and rescaled) Tristan Island GLM-standardised Jasus tristani lobster CPUE to take account of data for the 2020 season

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posted on 05.07.2021, 10:26 authored by Susan HollowaySusan Holloway, Doug ButterworthDoug Butterworth
The Powerboat CPUE series for Tristan Island was last updated in 2020 (MARAM/Tristan/2020/MAY/08) and took data for the 1994-2019 seasons into account. The GLM standardisation incorporated a method whereby the full GLM time series for Tristan Island could be rescaled to take into account the overall fishing efficiency changes as informed by the data on fishermen’s names (available for the 2005-2007 and 2013-2020 seasons only). This document updates this GLM analysis by incorporating data from the most recent 2020 season. A substantial increase in the 2020 CPUE relative to 2019 is evident.



Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Cape Town