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File(s) under embargo

Reason: Thesis still under examination.

Steel V-structure blast simulation models

This is the data from the thesis titled:

Response of composite and steel V-structures to localised air blast loading (2023)

This compressed folder contains the files for the steel V-structure blast simulations. This includes all the input files, ie. the air mesh, clamp frames, bolts, and various V-structure geometries. A selection of the input decks is also provided with different charge masses and V-structure geometries. All simulations were performed using LS-DYNA R8.

The first zipped folder titled - contains four subfolders labelled:





- The first three folders are example simulations that can be run.

- The folder labelled Inputs contains the meshed V-structures, the meshed clamp frames, and the meshed air blocks.


81802 - National Research Foundation (South Africa) - Composites for Transport Structures

111737 - National Research Foundation (South Africa) - Influence of Geometric Shape on the Blast Loading and Response Characteristics of Plated Structures



Blast Impact and Survivability Research Unit (BISRU) Centre, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cape Town