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A Response to Proposed Additional Ecosystem Considerations for Exceptional Circumstances Relating to the Sardine-Anchovy OMP-14

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posted on 2022-04-07, 13:36 authored by Doug ButterworthDoug Butterworth, Carryn de MoorCarryn de Moor
A new Operational Management Procedure, OMP-14, was adopted at the end of 2014, subject to the finalization of the specific issues that should be considered annually regarding whether Exceptional Circumstances are deemed to exist, and if so, requiring a review and possibly a revision to OMP-14. The procedure for deviating from an OMP is general and applies across multiple Scientific Working Groups (Rademeyer et al. 2008). However, at the adoption of an OMP, specific issues regarding the underlying assumptions of the Operating Models (OMs) for the specific resources used to simulation test the associated OMP can be highlighted for monitoring as part of this procedure. The draft list of such specific issues was given in section 1.2 of Appendix B of de Moor and Butterworth (2014).

Each of the specific issues listed in section 1.2 of the Appendix B of de Moor and Butterworth (2014) relate to a specific underlying assumption(s) of the OMs. Any further additional ecosystem considerations to be included should thus be of the same nature.

However, it is also important here to return to the objectives and performance statistics agreed to be used in selecting OMP-14 (de Moor and Coetzee 2012). Due to time constraints, the performance statistics for the secondary trade-off objectives E2 and E3 were not computed before OMP-14 was adopted.



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