University of Cape Town

Carla Lever

Junior Research Fellow

Cape Town, South Africa

Carla Lever holds a PhD in Performance Studies from the University of Sydney, where she explored the connection between performance, embodied anxiety and 'South Africanness'. Her current research, as part of the "Reimagining Tragedy From Africa and the Global South" project at the University of Cape Town, focusses on protest and creative activism, with a particular interest in public commemoration and political spectacle. Her forthcoming monograph "Performing South African Protest: Contemporary Activism from the Street to the Stage" has been the recipient of two grants, enabling its open access publication with Amsterdam University Press.


  • (In)Security Theater: South African Land Occupation and the Performance of Institutional Authority
  • ‘We Will Teach Them How to Use This Building’: Acts of Accountability from South African Artists

Carla Lever's public data