University of Cape Town

David Jacobs

Evolutionary Biologist

Cape Town, South Africa

My research focuses on the processes involved in trait evolution and how divergence in traits lead to lineage diversification and the consequent generation of biodiversity. I focus on sensory, behavioural and morphological traits. My group uses several approaches in this research including comparative morphometrics and behavioural ecology to test hypotheses on the functional significance of trait variation. This approach includes the use of genetic techniques to identify evolutionary relationships amongst species/lineages which are in turn used to construct ancestral character states. These are used in conjunction with phenotypic data to test several hypotheses on trait evolution. Current research projects include: The role of sensory ecology in lineage divergence. Predator/prey coevolution (evolutionary arms races). Evolutionary constraints. Convergent and parallel evolution. Interspecific competition and character displacement/release. I focus on insectivorous bats



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Nikita Finger

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