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Stefaan Conradie


  • Regional SH Westerly Wave Variability and Cape Town's "Day Zero'' Drought
  • Interesting, but with significant shortcomings
  • Spatio‐temporal patterns of rainfall trends and the 2015–2017 drought over the winter rainfall region of South Africa
  • Spatial heterogeneity in rain-bearing winds, seasonality and rainfall variability in southern Africa's winter rainfall zone
  • Spatial heterogeneity of 2015–2017 drought intensity in South Africa's winter rainfall zone
  • Comment on wcd-2022-47
  • Collective attribution and future risk assessment of recent high-impact wildfire events
  • The April 2021 Cape Town Wildfire: Has Anthropogenic Climate Change Altered the Likelihood of Extreme Fire Weather?
  • Analysis of the 2017 Knysna fires disaster with emphasis on fire spread, home losses and the influence of vegetation and weather conditions: A South African case study

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