University of Cape Town

Susan Miller


  • Single base-pair deletion in ASIP exon 3 associated with recessive black phenotype in impala (Aepyceros melampus )
  • Fenced and Fragmented: Conservation Value of Managed Metapopulations
  • The performance of African protected areas for lions and their prey
  • Evaluation of microsatellites for common ungulates in the South African wildlife industry
  • GrowLS: Lion (Panthera leo) Population Growth Simulation for Small Reserve Management Planning
  • Fencing Africa's protected areas: Costs, benefits, and management issues
  • The use of contraceptive techniques in managed wild African lion (Panthera leo) populations to mimic open system cub recruitment
  • Genetic rescue of an isolated African lion population
  • Anthropogenic movement results in hybridisation in impala in southern Africa
  • Phylogeography and morphometric variation of the Spike-heeled Lark Chersomanes albofasciata complex
  • The tiger genome and comparative analysis with lion and snow leopard genomes
  • Management of reintroduced lions in small, fenced reserves in South Africa: an assessment and guidelines
  • Conserving large carnivores: dollars and fence
  • Evaluation of microsatellite markers for population studies and forensic identification of African lions (Panthera leo)
  • Rapid growth rate of lion (Panthera leo) populations in small, fenced reserves in South Africa: a management dilemma
  • Waking levels of salivary biomarkers are altered following sleep in a lab with no further increase associated with simulated night-time noise exposure
  • Exposure to chronic noise and fractionated X-ray radiation elicits biochemical changes and disrupts body weight gain in rat
  • Broad-spectrum sunscreens prevent the secretion of proinflammatory cytokines in human keratinocytes exposed to ultraviolet A and phototoxic lomefloxacin
  • DNA damage and micronucleus induction in human leukocytes after acute in vitro exposure to a 1.9 GHz continuous-wave radiofrequency field
  • Canadian Cytogenetic Emergency Network (CEN) for biological dosimetry following radiological/nuclear accidents
  • Towards a standardization of biological dosimetry by cytogenetics.
  • Cytogenetic dose--response and adaptive response in cells of ungulate species exposed to ionizing radiation
  • Heat-induced thermal tolerance and radiation resistance to apoptosis in human lymphocytes
  • Genetic guidelines for translocations: maintaining intrau2010specific diversity in the lion ( Panthera leo )

Susan Miller's public data