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MOSAIC: A model to assess the cost-effectiveness of dexamethasone for admitted COVID-19 patients in South Africa

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posted on 14.09.2020, 14:23 authored by Susan ClearySusan Cleary, Cynthia Tamandjou TchuemCynthia Tamandjou Tchuem, geetesh solankigeetesh solanki, Sumaiyah DocratSumaiyah Docrat, Donela BesadaDonela Besada, Tommy WilkinsonTommy Wilkinson
This model assesses costs and outcomes for admitted severe and critical Covid-19 patients from time of admission to discharge or death.

Two competing strategies are modelled:
1. The "status quo" summarizes costs and outcomes for patients assuming usual care (no dexamethasone).
2. The "dexamethasone" comparator summarizes costs and outcomes for patients assuming usual care with dexamethasone at 6mg/day over 10 days.

Cost: mean cost (general ward and ICU) per admitted patient from the health care provider's perspective.
Health outcomes: mean DALYs and deaths per admitted patient.
Other: mean ICU days and inpatient days per admitted patient.



Health Economics Unit, School of Public Health and Family Medicine and Alan J Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health at the University of Cape Town, with the Health Systems Research Unit at the Medical Research Council