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How can a focus on equity in nature-based solutions help to address societal challenges from the ground up?

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posted on 2022-04-08, 06:21 authored by Petra HoldenPetra Holden, Tali Hoffman, Sheona Shackleton;

A framework to think about NbS and Equity. Definitions and framings of NbS lack a focus on the importance and integration of scales and differentiation. For example, NbS should address societal challenges, but for whom? NbS should improve well-being and biodiversity, but for whom and where? We fill this gap by developing a NbS and equity framework that emphasises that: i) solutions to global societal challenges can only be equitable by focusing on equity as a process in NbS at a local level; ii) NbS cannot be considered equitable at a global level if they create negative impacts and inequitable benefit sharing for those most vulnerable living near to or in the area of NbS (i.e. equity at a local level); iii) Inequitable NbS at a local level will not be equitable at a global level even if they do contribute to global societal challenges such as climate change (e.g., by sequestering carbon or biodiversity loss by protecting species).


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