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Call parameter measurements for four acoustic groups of horseshoe bats..xlsx (94.77 kB)

Call parameters for "It's not all about the soprano".

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posted on 2018-06-28, 06:38 authored by David JacobsDavid Jacobs, Robert Raw, Anna Bastian
Echolocation call parameters for four acoustic groups of bats. The codes for column A are as follows:

Rbl87 = Rhinolophus blasii phonetic type 87 kHz;
Rbl92 = Rhinolophus blasii phonetic type 92 kHz;
Rca87 = Rhinolophus capensis phonetic type 87 kHz;
Rcl92 = Rhinolophus clivosus phonetic type 92 kHz


GUN 64798 and DST88359.